Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No rest for the wicked. . .

I am feeling stretched very thin. In the last 4 weeks I have. . .

  • Finished my externship for the school I attend

  • Created a lengthy power point, with sound and speakers notes, (ugh I really hate power point) presentation on my experience in my externship as well as a written summary.

  • Taken 2 practice exams (5 hrs each) for the certification I will be sitting
    for probably next month.

  • Taken a final exam

  • Traveled 3000 miles (I am not exaggerating) with a friend my age, 2 very elderly people (88 & 90), and a 1 eyed dog in a minivan with dubious AC in the middle of a heat wave

  • Worked something like 17 16 hour days

  • Completed 2 online courses for my ICD-10 trainer certification

  • Attended a 3 day intensive training on becoming a certified ICD-10 trainer (it was like trying to drink from a fire hose although somehow I managed to do it)

  • Updated the lesson plan for the class I am teaching because at the very last minute I found out that we have a NEW EDITON of the book I use and all my page number and exercises are off.

  • Planned a review class for a national certification my students need to take

  • Planned a career seminar for graduates at the school I teach at

  • Received a $406.00 electric bill, a $100.00 water bill and a $230.00 phone bill, oh and I need to pay my professional organization $215.00 to retain my credential (insert manical laughter here)

  • Still need to come up with $500.00 to fix my car

I am sure that there is more but frankly I can’t take it.

Oh and this weekend I have to go to a pine box derby for the boy scouts and attend a party for 2 people’s birthdays.

In happy magic fantasy land I want to super clean my house, then spend the next couple days completely alone and sleep at least 8 hours in a row, listen to whatever music I want at an immodest volume, cook and eat interesting tasty food, nap, read a lot, perhaps watch a movie or 3 and think nothing about my career, my future career, my exams, how my future is riding on the outcome of my certification exams, and nothing more strenuous than should the dog and I play in the yard or go for a walk in the woods. I think the odds of that happening are rather small but it would be fantastic if it could happen.

Coming up in the next 4 weeks. . . I have to sit for 2 certification exams and I really need to brush up before I take them. They both have a high fail rate for the first attempt and I would like to beat the odds and pass on the 1st go round.

I am staying positive and attempting to stay in some state close to perpetual motion until everything is done. Just a little bit more, just a little more and I will be able to move on to my next thing . . . finding a job teaching in healthcare that pays enough to pay my student loans as well as living expenses.

Of course if you asked me right this minute when I am so tired I could cry and kinda freaked out about money, I want to be a kept woman, lazing about and not worrying her pretty little head about rent, careers, cars and other important things like that. Oh and I want marabou fuzzy slippers, damn it.


pir8panties said...

Oh how deeply thankful I am for the days at the pasadena which seemed like just those kind of days...even though we did have jobs ;) and bills.

Baby your strength and determination is outstanding! Keep on keepin on. You have amazing stamina. I look up to you and wish I had your drive!!

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