Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outside my window:
Today is a beautiful, if blazing hot, day.  Sun shining, big puffy white clouds and a nice breeze. 
I am thinking: 
How am I possibly going to squeeze in all of this information for my students in just 5 class days.We are almost at the end of the class and this is the week when all the wonderful discussions at the expense of the curricula come home to roost.  I am sure we will shoe horn it all in but I always break out in a cold sweat.  
I am also thinking about my last day teaching for a while being next Thursday 7/12/2012.  I start my new job on Friday 07/13/2012.  I am going to miss teaching so much.  I am excited about the new oportunity and the challenge of returning to the health care industry but my heart will be a little sad to leave what I love so much.  My plan is to look for opportunities to teach and I am sure that they will present themselves.
I am thankful for:
The time I have spent teaching.  I believe it is my purpose and vocation to be a teacher.  
From the kitchen:
This weekend I am making shrimp with Sriracha sauce and ginger. I love Sriracha aka cock sauce. 
I am wearing:
Black dress pants, a black silky shell, a black and white suit jacket, black nurse shoes, a silver necklace, silver rings and white pearl earrings.
I know your shocked that I am not in my usual uniform but today my students have their mock interviews and they have to dress as if they are on an actual interview, so I though the situation warranted a more appropriate outfit than scrubs from me.
I am creating:
Considering all the onions I ate last night, methane
I am going:
To take the drive to my new job during rush hour so I know how horribly early I will need to wake up to make it on time to work.  I am thinking it will probably take me about an hour to go 23 miles.  Viva la traffic, oye!
I am reading:
"The Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
I am hoping:
That I will find a way to continue teaching even though I have to leave it for a while in order to pay off my student loans. 
I am hearing:
My students taking a test and the big air handlers keeping us nice and cool.
Around the house:
My back door broke, well it actually is the strike plate for the lock.  The wood rotted away under the strike plate and this weekend I have to figure out how to fix it.  Until then I am using the dead bolt to keep the door shut which is a pain in the ass.
One of my favorite things:
Recently I am grooving on buying inexpensive work suits from ebay and thrift shops then taking them to the tailor's and having her do the textile magic she commands.  The best part is when I try them on post tailoring and they fit like they were made for me and look like I spent $300 bucks on a suit when the reality is I got the suit for 12 bucks and the tailoring cost 60.  I love my tailor.   
A few plans for the rest of the week:
The usual happily mundane weekend stuff, laundry, cooking, clean the house, play with the dogs, do partial water changes on my fish tanks, nap, read, watch a movie, have lunch with a friend.  I love that boring stuff!
Words I am pondering:
"Dreaming is the private myth.  Myth is the public dream." Joseph Campbell
Here is a picture I am sharing:
This is my dog, Tuesday, the American Eskimo


Salome Ellen said...

Man, I want to kidnap your tailor! I would LOVE to have somebody who could do that. I can do repairs, but not that.

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