Monday, March 19, 2012

Random, Obscure Post #501

I really wish I could talk about the things that are going on for me in a straightforward manner.
Unfortunately, since I want to remain attached to my employer, I cannot.
What I can say is that I will be glad to break through this barrier that I have been hurtling toward for the last several years. I am about to sit for a couple of national certifications that I have had to earn the privilege of sitting for via an expensive, protracted, slog through education. Now that I have achieved the prerequisites all I have to do is pass the exams, it sounds so simple. I am somewhat of an anxious test taker. (Although, oddly enough, I enjoy filling out
Scantron forms, weird, I know) One of the tests has an 80% failure rate for
first time takers; the other has a 60% failure rate. Of course I want to pass both of them on the first try. Why you ask, why put myself through this? Well, because I really can’t afford to cough up the $800 to take the tests a second time. Therefore, 28 days out, I am kicked into high study mode. My weekends are filled with thick texts, federal guidelines and sundry state and national level laws as well as an amorphous thing called “best practices”. At this point I just want to sneak away and raise Norwegian Fjord horses and perhaps some ducks and
This, by the way, is a Norwegian Fjord horse. They are draft ponies and can haul my luxurious self around without issue.
Also here is a picture of a chicken and a duck, just for the duck of it, heh.

On other things: It is frustrating when an organization, a government or an individual makes a grave error in policy or plan and the collapse unfurls in a fiery slow motion woe. If only they were not so stiff necked and prideful so as to refuse to see the consequence of the choice or action. So frustrating and saddening when one loves it or them and cannot do a damn thing to stop the

On a positive note, I got a beautiful hibiscus for my yard and all my tiny little seedlings are doing quite well. The rubber snake is keeping the birds and squirrels away and this will mean flowers later on.

Other positive news: Still living indoors, still have climate control, still have people I love deeply, still have a sweet houndie to keep me company. My live is full and pleasurable.

I am learning how to bake with alternative flours (which would be a great name for a band, btw).
Almond flour and coconut flour are really good and make fantastic baked goods. When I have a recipe that turns out great that I really like I will post it.
-Tah for now dolls


Salome Ellen said...

I have a friend whose son must eat gluten-free/dairy-free (although eggs are OK.) If you come up with any such recipes, she would LOVE to have them!

Cath said...

A rubber snake works on squirrels and birds BOTH?? Oh you are my hero!!

I got a notice that you left a comment on my blog but the comment doesn't seem to be there anymore so I will just say hello, and how are you, and the best of luck to you on your tests!!!

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