Friday, September 30, 2016

Outside my window: The sky is trumpet blowing blue, there is a French language event in my building today and confused high school parents with tres chic children are wandering about.

I am thinking about: How our bodies trick our minds and our minds trick our bodies.

I am thankful for: Today is Friday, at last AND I am going to visit my good friend in Florida this weekend.

From the kitchen: I made a low carb caramel pecan cheesecake, it was good even if it didn't look at all like the picture with the recipe. You can find the recipe here

I am wearing: Black closed back clogs, black socks, black trousers, black cotton shell, white jacket with bright watercolor flowers all over it, turquoise necklace (it matches some of the flowers), jet earring, glasses and silver rings.  

I am creating: A new provider education for my audiologists.

I am going to: My dear friend's house in Florida.  Her mom died about a month ago and I am hoping to bring some friendship balm in the form of making her laugh, getting her drunk, and cooking for her.

I am reading: "The Color of Magic" by Terry Prachet.  It is the 1st book of the Disk World series.  I have never read this series before and my fellow science fiction/fantasy reading friends tell me my world is not complete until I do, hence I am reading it on the plane today.

  I am hoping to: Survive the next month of work and travel.  The month of October has me out of the office for 2.5 weeks, will my inbox survive the onslaught?

 I am hearing: Piano Concerto 17 in G Major by Mozart. I just listened to "Gangster Trippin'" by Fatboy Slim, gotta love random mixes

Around the house: Last week my dishwasher's warrantee expired. This Monday the sprayer arm fell off and landed on the heating element and partially melted.  How does it know the warrantee expired is what I really wanna know.

One of my favorite things: A working barn that smells of animals and hay

A few plans for the rest of the week: Travel to Florida, hang out with my friend, get her drunk and cook for her, talk until the small hours, act goofy.

Words I am pondering: "You can always edit a "bad" page, you can't a blank page" Jodi Picoult

Here is a picture I am sharing: This is a Scorpion Mouse (Onychomys torridus) is the most bad ass mouse on the planet.  It howls at the moon and eats scorpions for breakfast (lunch and dinner too)


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