Thursday, June 17, 2010

My summer as a slacker

Today is my last day of school for awhile. I have decided to take the summer off from the school I attend. Shocking, isn’t it? I have been going to college now for 6 years, year round nonstop. Why is this taking so long, you may wonder, the answer is that pesky thing called work. For several years I could only take 1 or 2 classes at a time. This period was seriously slow going for my education. For the last little while I have been going to school full time and now as I am almost done, I am taking the summer off. For the next 3 months there will be no crazed studying, no cranking out of 18 essays a week, no mass undertakings of writing about the minutia (with great zeal I might add) of health care and the business of medicine.
What am I going to do with myself? How will I cope not being constantly under a deadline, not having to produce hundreds of pages of writing? I don’t know but my guess is it will involve napping, reading , painting and with a little luck some travel. Who knows, I may get all wild and crazy and write some short stories.
Unlike public school teachers I do have to work over the summer. I may revamp some of my lesson plans in my spare time, or I may do no such thing. I like having the option.

There are so many things I WANT to do they are in no particular order:
1. I really want to do some in depth reading on Germanic myths and about the cult of Odin.
2. I want to refresh my Latin and translate at least 2 chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (yes I am that much of a geek that I have a few of the Harry Potter books in Latin),
3. I want to reread the Silmarillion (after reading about the Germanic myths to see how they are related),
4. I want to paint- I have been so busy I haven’t made a single painting since I started school full time.
5. I want to cook and try out new recipes.
6. I want to reorganize and deep clean my room and perhaps paint one of the walls a good color.
7. I want to tighten up Lily’s training.
8. I want to go camping.
9. I want to get some IT certifications so I can make some money doing tech support for roll outs.
More than all that though I want to have the weekend open before me to do whatever I want or nothing at all. I don’t want to think about schedules and plans and breaking down larger tasks. I want to be kid like (as least for 1 day a week) and just be. I hope I can be still enough to enjoy that.


Salome Ellen said...

Enjoy! And don't let the "oughtas" ruin perfectly good slacker time....

(And now I know how to post comments ;-D )

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